The Gender Equity Playbook

Canadian Women & Sport’s GENDER EQUITY PLAYBOOK is a three-part program that supports sport leaders to strengthen their organizations by making more equitable decisions.

The Playbook program includes:

Our GENDER EQUITY LENS E-Learning Module:

This e-learning module gives you the information and tools you need to act on your commitment to gender equity, helping you make policy and program decisions to better serve women and girls in your sport. You’ll learn how to bring a gender lens to your decision-making and create the conditions to support women and girls to participate, lead and stay involved. You can access the e-module here.

“The tools provided through the Gender Equity LENS module can be utilized at all levels of an organization from grassroots participation, through to High Performance Programs, through to Governance. We would highly recommend this resource for other sports.”


This step uses our Gender Equity in Sport Assessment Tool (GESAT) to help you identify areas of strength and opportunity for your organization. Drawing on extensive research on gender and diversity analysis and the expertise of our Research Team, the assessment focuses on specific areas of your organization that make sustainable structure change possible, such as governance and leadership, recruitment, and culture. A comprehensive report is prepared for each organization with the findings of the assessment and best practice examples for long-term improvement.

“Canadian Women in Sport are a wonderful organization of passionate staff who helped us to make having an honest review where our organization is at from a gender equity point of view a priority. They helped us to see what we are doing well already, and where improvements can be made.”

Our GENDER EQUITY ACTION PLANNING consultation service:

Building on recommendations from the assessment step, the action planning service provides organizations with the opportunity, tools, and expert support from Canadian Women & Sport facilitators to plan and implement an evidence-based course of action that addresses the most pressing areas of opportunity identified in the GESA report.

“The Gender Equity Playbook translates esoteric ideas into small attainable actions that advance the organization.”

Our Gender Equity Playbook team can facilitate these sessions both in person and virtually. To start building your organization’s Gender Equity Playbook, contact Holly Abraham, Program Manager, at

Canadian Women and Sport partnered with a Research Team composed of Dr. Wendy Cukier, Dr. Cheri Bradish, and researchers from the Diversity Institute at Ryerson University to develop the Gender Equity Assessment program.

The Gender Equity Playbook was piloted by Alpine Canada, Athletics Canada, Rowing Canada, Canada Snowboard, Sport for Life, and Baseball Canada.

We are grateful to Sport Canada for their support of the Gender Equity Playbook.